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Empowering Parents of Children with ADHD

ADHD services for children in Overland Park KS

Watching your child live day-to-day with the effects of ADHD can feel hopeless. If your child is disorganized, easily distracted, has difficulty making or keeping friends, or controlling their emotions — you're not alone. Many kids are diagnosed with ADHD and medication does not have to be your only option. Brain Balance gets to the root of the problem, creating lasting results to help your child overcome his or her struggles.

Is My Child a Candidate?

An integrated non-medical approach for your child.

At Brain Balance, we empower children with ADHD differently. We will give you answers as to why your child is acting this way and create a custom plan to help your child overcome his or her struggles. Through our comprehensive assessment, we will identify areas of the brain that may have a developmental delay, which can lead to an imbalance or functional disconnection. We will then create personalized services for children with ADHD in Overland Park to strengthen the weaker areas and restore balance. Brain Balance combines all the tools necessary for your child to thrive into one integrated program.

We identify the why

Identifying the root cause

Why is my child struggling?

The biggest question all parents share is... why? Why is my child acting this way? Brain Balance clearly identifies and defines the why and provides a solution. We create a holistic view of your child through an initial assessment that identifies areas that need to be strengthened. From the results, we create a personalized plan, clearly identifying your child’s strong and weak skills to get your child back on track.

We are here to provide answers.

After the assessment, you will understand exactly why your child may excel at some tasks and struggle with others and how this leads to the problems that you and your child encounter every day at home or school. In a poorly functioning brain, the left and right sides pass on partial information. This is the root cause of many types of learning, behavioral, and social struggles. In a properly functioning brain, both sides communicate equally. Our services for children with ADHD in Overland Park will identify the individual issues that address your child's specific needs.

See if your child is a good candidate!

At Brain Balance, we will assess your child's visual, auditory, and motor systems. These are all key for optimal processing in the brain and are the foundation for your child's ability to learn. We will also assess academic functions to get a full picture of why your child is struggling. Discover if your child is a candidate for our ADHD services for children in Overland Park.

Is My Child a Candidate?

we design the how

Customized Plans for Success

After understanding the root causes of the problem, our team designs a customized action plan for your child. Activities will include sensory-motor training, academic skill training, at-home exercises, a nutrition program along with an online community and ongoing support. Support from the family and teamwork are paramount for success.

5 key areas

  • Sensory Motor Training
  • Academic Skill Training
  • At-Home Daily Exercises
  • Nutrition Program
  • Post Program Support

we restore the balance


Dedicated to restoring Balance

Brain Balance implements your child’s plan and reevaluates on an ongoing basis. We are dedicated to restoring balance in your child’s life and your own. Brain Balance will assist you every step of the way throughout the program and will support you for an entire year after the in-center sessions are completed. Ours services for children with ADHD in Overland Park are dedicated to restoring balance, creating hope and harmony for every family. So far, Brain Balance has helped over 25,000 struggling kids, yours could be next!

Improvements in school
Healthier friendships
Doing things independently
Academic advocacy

Meet Lola

Age 10, ADHD

"Before Brain Balance, I felt like I was yelling all the time, you know, "Get ready for school," "Eat your breakfast," you know, "Brush your teeth." I just felt like I was yelling all the time. I don't feel like I have to do that anymore."

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